Cary Trivanovich's Performance Plus Message

Cary's Christian school assemblies and chapel programs are fun, yet also introspective.  With the goal to inspire hearts for change, Cary always performs first, which creates a bond with the kids.  His message is delivered in the second half of the assembly.  Whether he is presenting to primary, upper elementary, middle or high school, Cary gears both his performance and his message to their age.

"I have been a principal for 35 years, and that was the best assembly I have ever seen."

John Casato, Former Principal, St Anne School (K-8), Laguna Niguel, CA




Cary's popular Mask Maker pantomime is an ideal picture of the struggle we sometimes experience in our Christian life.  Cary uses this to equate the pretending of pantomime with the pretending of being close to God.  Taking the mask off and being real with God, others and ourselves about our relationship with Him is to live a victorious Christian life.

Choose Living In Christ Over Bullying

Challenging hearts about how bullying is contrary to God's purpose for us, and about the sensitivity of how we treat others, this message exposes the self-centered mindset of bullying and gives practical advice for all. 

Christ-Like Peer Respect

This is Cary's popular and thought-provoking Three Chairs discourse, also used to cap the message above.  The emphasis pictures the qualities of a friend magnet - One who exhibits selflessness and respect for others.

John 1 - No Spin Zone!

A favorite message for teens and adults, Cary's exegetical study on John 1 and related passages, combined with his testimonial story of coming out of a popular cult, then to Christ, is educating, provocative, funny and motivating.

Entertainment Assemblies by Cary Trivanovich

This one-of-a-kind pantomime/comedy performance is an excellent way to reward students for academic excellence.


Tailored for every school level - younger elementary, upper elementary, middle or high school, or even family audiences for evening events, this performance will astound and inspire.

Not I, But Christ

Many youth who, after being saved, are still trusting in their "old self" for growth - They have not yet grasped what it means to live "in Christ."   This is Cary's "life message," and is his choice message for Christian teens and above.