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An Extremely Fun Performance Earns Rapport and a Message to Foster Growth in Christ

"Cary is absolutely one of the finest communicators of our time"


Jim Burns, President, HomeWord Center for Youth and Family

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"Cary's assemblies were heart felt and genuine. I think my staff was most impressed at his intergenerational bonding ability – at how he related so well with the young children and middle schoolers alike. He hooked our students with fun and laughter then, when he really had their attention, taught life lessons from the heart that had a Biblical backbone."


Evan Anwyl, Former Principal, Our Savior Lutheran School, Livermore, CA


What has been written to and about Cary over the years attests to his legacy.

"I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything."

"God has worked through you to touch my life like no other person I've ever met..."

"Never in 30 years of education have I seen students and faculty so mesmerized and immersed in a program."

"I have seen at least 50 different assemblies. Without question your performance was by far the best."

"It ran into lunch by choice of the students." 


Entertainment for Your Academic Reward Assembly